4 Great Ways Of Investing In Gold


If you have wanted to invest in gold, here are some of the ways in which you can invest in this precious metal:

Physical gold investment

Physical gold is held by most central banks and it’s unaffected by inflation. Experts say that you should treat this investment like your insurance policy. This is because it saves you during a rainy day. Just like you can’t trade your insurance policy, you should not trade your gold investment.

Physical gold investments are a great way of preserving and passing wealth from one generation to the next.

To invest in this option you only need to identify a person or organization selling the metal and then buy it. To ensure that the metal retains its elegant look for a long time you should ensure that you store it in safe place that is free of any disturbance.

Semi-numismatic and numismatic gold coins



Numismatic and semi-numismatic coins are bought for their rare nature and aesthetic appeal. To get these coins you only need to get into a market where they are sold and make your purchase.

One of the widely traded semi-numismatic coins is the British gold sovereign; therefore, if you are planning of buying the coins you should go for this one. The good side with the British gold sovereign is that it’s exempted from capital gains tax.

You should note that these coins are leveraged to the gold price; therefore, their prices tend to increase very fast when the gold price is in a bull market and decrease greatly when gold is in the bear market.




This is used by clients who want buy gold as an investment. Here the metal is bought just like any foreign currency.

To buy the metal you need to open an account with a reputable company. You should be very careful when opening an account because there are no financial regulations that govern e-gold providers which can be risky on your part.

Before opening an account you should do a lot of research and ensure that the company that you want to open an account with has a good reputation.

Paper gold investment


This is a great way of investing in companies that mine gold or those exploring for new gold deposits. The good side with investing in miners is that it’s less risky than investing in gold itself.

Other than investing in miners, you can also invest in gold via financial products such as futures, options and spread betting. When you invest in these products you don’t own any gold; you bet on future movements in gold price.

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